Free Piano

Piano - a musical instrument classified as a struck chordophone, invented in 1709 with a hammer mechanism and keys. The inventor’s name was Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian from Padua who lived in the 18th century. His invention has its roots in the clavichord and, partially, the harpsichord. In a modern piano, the strings are cross-strung on a metal board in threes for high and mid sounds and in twos for the low sounds. Single strings are responsible for producing the lowest tones.


Piano specification

1. 7¼ octave range

2. Chromatic scale A2 - a4 (c5) ♫

3. Length - 165 cm

4. Width - 143.5 cm

5. Net weight - 250 kg

6. Gross weight - 450 kg

7. Case volume - 1.9 m3

8. Mahogany or walnut scaleboard, coloured or natural, lacquered to high sheen, optionally matt. Pianos on slides, roller or legs.

* Baby grand piano

Depending on their length, pianos are divided into

- Baby grand piano (Length: 1,4 m – 1,8 m)

- Parlour (Length: 1,8 m – 2,1 m)

- Half-concert (Length: 2,1m – 2,4 m)

- Concert (Length: 2,4 m and more...)

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